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ARTICLE: US/Canada Relationship Post Election

ARTICLE: US/Canada Relationship Post Election

Former Congressman Bill Owens writes articles and continues to travel for speaking engagements throughout the United States and Canada. On November 9th, 2016 he spoke at the University of Calgary about the impact of the US Presidential Election on the US/Canada relationship.

A companion to this, his article What Does Canada Think Of Us & Trump Now? was published on The Hill on the day after the election.

“On the Canadian side, as well as with many other trading partners, questions about the reliability of the U.S. as a trading partner will surely emerge. Will Canadian investors and businesses continue to trade with and invest in the U.S. or look for other opportunities?”

Click to read more! What Does Canada Think Of Us & Trump Now

Stafford Owens has been involved in US/Canadian trade for over 30 years. We serve the trade route between New York City and Montreal; the border along this route is one of the most important border crossings in North America. Plattsburgh serves as a strategic bridge for Quebec into the U.S. economy.

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